MSFH Condo Pilot Program

The Department of Financial Services has been appropriated $30 million, by the Florida Legislature, to create the My Safe Florida Condominium Pilot program.

As the program details are developed, we will post updates throughout the development stages. Initially, Department staff will be conducting bids and awarding contracts to entities that will be running the day-to-day operations of the Pilot Program.

Subsequently, inspection and grant application forms and procedures must also be developed prior to launching the Program. It is anticipated that Program applications will not be publicly available for use until the Fall of 2024

Pilot Program Reminders

This program is not for individual condo unit owners. Only Condo Associations are eligible to participate in this new pilot program. Only those associations who complete the Program’s application and approval process prior to starting construction, will be eligible for grant funding.

Application details are being developed. More details will become available as the MSFH team builds out the program for launch.

Stay tuned as we put together our plan for a successful condo pilot program. We are proud to say Stronger Homes. Safer Florida. More to follow.

– The MSFH Team

Address: 200 East Gaines Street, Tallahassee FL 32399

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Department of Financial Services handling the grant applications? 

    DFS will be leading the implementation of the Condo Pilot. As with the current program, the day to day operations of accepting, reviewing and approving applications will be handled by an outsourced vendor which DFS must first publish a competitive bid.

    When will the application be available?

    We do not have a launch date for this newly enacted program at this time. Please keep in mind that House Bill 1029 and the associated funding included in the budget is not effective until July 1. DFS will not have any funding available to begin implementation until July 1st, so a launch of the program cannot begin until sometime after that date.  

    What are the requirements?

    At this time, the only direction we have is what is contained in House Bill 1029. One major difference between the two programs is that the condominium pilot requires applications for inspections and grants to come from the condo association in consultation with unit owners. Individual condo unit owners may participate through their association, “but may not participate individually.” (See page 5, lines 112-114 of the bill.) This will be a new process for both DFS and homeowners. We will work to place as much information as we can on our website as soon as information is available.