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The MSFH always strives to enhance and support our customers in their relationship with My Safe Florida Home Program.

The purpose of this page is to provide information to make your experience inside your program account portal better/more productive.

The following information/elements should help you with your portal account navigations.  

And here are some handy hints to keep in mind:

  1. All Grantees MUST confirm their contractor of choice within their portal account. 
  2. All Grantees MUST request their FINAL inspection within their portal account.
  3. Completing your final inspection is critical to the Reimbursement process.


MSFH Reimbursement Process Video Overview

MSFH Program Changes Update 11/14/13


Portal Terms

Portal Terms

Portal Reimbursement Terms

Getting Reimbursed Overview

Summary Overview of MSFH Program

Homeowner’s Guide

Authorized Improvement Guides

Understanding the 1802 Form

Why is Retrofitting Older Homes Important?